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Error creating a CA SSO Rule Failed to set the parent, REFID

Question asked by moylu01 Employee on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Ujwol Shrestha

Hello in Admin UI , I'm trying to create a Rule in a domain, but I have the following error.


[8856/6388][Mon Feb 27 2017 18:17:21][XPSSvcHandlerManageObjects.cpp:562][CXPSSvcHandlerManageObjects::CreateObject][ERROR][sm-xpssvc-00130] Failed to set the parent, REFID = CA.SM::Rule#10
[8856/6388][Mon Feb 27 2017 18:17:21][XPSSvcHandlerManageObjects.cpp:249][CXPSSvcHandlerManageObjects::ProcessRequest][ERROR][sm-xpssvc-00650] Failed Create Operation
[8856/6388][Mon Feb 27 2017 18:17:21][XPSSvc.cpp:158][InvokeHandler][ERROR][sm-xpssvc-00020] Cannot Process the Request.
[8856/12440][Mon Feb 27 2017 18:17:24][SmDsLdapConnMgr.cpp:909][ERROR][sm-Ldap-01370] SmDsLdapConnMgr Bind. Server idmserver : 13389. Error 91-Can't connect to the LDAP server


Do you know what can be?