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"external_user_name" error using messages endpoint

Question asked by jfitzpat on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by Conny Postma



I'm testing out some very simple integrations into Flowdock. I wanted to just test out posting messages to a specific flow so I've been messing with the different "Message Types" after reading through the tutorial.


One thing I came across is a validation error when trying to post a simple "message" type.





"flow_token": "<MY FLOW TOKEN>",
"event": "message",
"content": "This is a test message!"


Error Text:

{"message":"Validation error","errors":{"external_user_name":["is too long (maximum is 16 characters)"]}}


I've removed my actual flow token in above request, but has anyone seen this? Most of the other "Message Types" seem to work. The "activity" (from the tutorial) and "status" types were successful. I've even tried explicitly supplying an "external_user_name" value that is under 16 characters.