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create ticket in closed state using input cmd file

Question asked by mohansrinivas on Mar 1, 2017
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Hello All,



We have an requirement to create some agent profile problem tickets to be created with "closed" status and we use a n job to roll-out the tickets in SD. the input file of the .bat job as follows and it works fine.

%DESCRIPTION=agen ticket
%ZREPORTED_DATE=05/27/2014 04:33:34.000000
%ZDUE_DATE=06/09/2014 04:33:34.000000

To create tickets in closed state I tried to add the line "%STATUS=CL" or "%STATUS=closed" but ticket didn't got generated. Can you please help me in achieving the output. Do I need to udpate any OOB spel files for this or any other best practice?