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Report Data Object Variable Solution Needed

Question asked by ccupples on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Jason_Wolfe

I am fairly new to creating report data objects and have come across a small snag that I am hoping someone can get me through.  I will have three RDOs to pull back manager names, orgs and roles.  I have a relations table in the database to link them all.  I want to create a variable to pull back the org and role info based on the manager name that is selected.

I have the below query which pulls back all results needs, yet when I add the variable it gives me no results, I get the popup box to test the variable but the results are none.


SELECT DISTINCT org.org_name,,rel.manager_id, mgr.resource_manager
FROM clarity_org as org
JOIN clarity_relations rel on rel.org_ID = org.ID
JOIN clarity_manager mgr on = rel.manager_id

WHERE resource_manager = '%MANAGERNAME%'


I thank you in advance for any guidance on what I may be missing here.