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How to send a hyperlink in Gel script

Question asked by hefxi02 Employee on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by hefxi02

 I try to send an email having a hyperlink (point to the budget plan page of a project). However, I cannot do the URL construction in a variable in Gel Script. Like:


<core:set value="${myClarityURL}/niku/nu#action:revmgr.budgetList&id=${ProjectID}&object_code=project&planType_view_code=budgetList" var="budgetPlanURL"/>


But the above statement always give me the following error  

The reference to entity "id" must end with the ';' delimiter.

when I tried to save it in Gel script. I tried to replace "&" with "&amp;", but the same error popup. The following statement could help me save the statement in gel script:


<![CDATA[<core:set value="${myClarityURL}/niku/nu#action:revmgr.budgetList&id=${ProjectID}&object_code=project&planType_view_code=budgetList" var="budgetPlanURL"/>]]>


However, when I print out the budgetPlanURL variable value in log, it is blank. In my email, I have the following code:


<ul> The project <a href="${budgetPlanURL}"><b>${PRJName}</b></a> : Spend Plan submitted is approved. <ul>


But I only get the following result in my email:


The project  : Spend Plan submitted is approved. 


Anyone has any idea on how I can construct a URL and send it in email in Gel Script? The script should be developed in V15.1.