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Text Mon wob to complete successfully whether text is found or not

Question asked by ekammer1 on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by RickR

I am running a simple TEXT_MON WOB


TEXT_MON A079011T                            

   AGENT SCWKLDT1                             

   TEXTFILE 'D:\TEST\eric\eric.txt'           

   TEXTSTRING 'XXXX' EXIST                    

   SEARCHRANGE LINE FROM(1) TO (250)          

   RELEASE ADD(FOUND) COND(RC(0))             


   RUN ANY                                    



Be design when the string is not found the wob fails. I do not want it to fail but complete successfully, and release subsequent jobs based on RC. The correct jobs are released but the wob fails. I tried CCCHK RC(0:1) OK CONTINUE and the wob still fails and EXITCODE 1 SUCCESS, when I try this I get a simulation error ” INVALID COMMAND, EXITCODE”. I want this to treat it as a YES/NO and not a success/fail. Any thoughts?


ESP EE 11.4