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Usecase/ Workflow in Rally

Question asked by subhrajit.bhattacharya on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by subhrajit.bhattacharya

For our software project, requirements come through use cases/workflows, where a workflow is a sequence of steps that a user is expected to execute to complete his/her task. For example, a workflow (highly simplified) could be:

1. User logs into the system.

2. User clicks on "Model Build".

3. User builds a model (using functions provided by the tool).

4. User publishes the model in a catalog.

5. User logs out.


The workflow in turn drives definition of features.

Features are then broken down into user stories and so on.


My need is to enter workflows in Rally. Subsequently we will have to create features under the workflow and then the scrums teams can create user stories under the features. Here are my thoughts of how to represent a workflow in Rally, and at least one challenge I can think of with my approach.


Proposal 1) I am planning to use an initiative to represent a workflow. Conceptually, a workflow and an initiative (as defined in rally) do not correspond, I do understand that. But I do not care much about this lack of conceptual correspondence.

Proposal 2) Potentially, I could map a workflow to an epic story also. This might conceptually be a better map. But I prefer the former for certain reasons which I am not going to get into. 


Question 1: Do the proposals seem reasonable leaving aside conceptual issues ? 


Question 2: Is there any pro-con between proposal 1 and 2 (i.e. between using an initiative or epic story) ?


Question 3: I see a challenge with both my proposals. Since a workflow is a series of steps, it is very possible that a step might reappear in multiple workflows. Lets assume the step is mapped to a feature. Hence we have a situation where a feature is required by multiple workflows. But a feature can have only a single parent, i.e. it could have either workflow 1 as a parent or workflow 2 but not both. What do I do in this case to indicate that the feature is required for both workflows ?


I was thinking of creating a duplicate feature, but then the scrum teams will have to update duplicate items in Rally. This is not a good solution. 


Another possibility is to create two features, one for each workflow. One of these features would be a dummy, but have dependency on the other feature which would be the real feature with user stories underneath.


Thoughts / suggestions highly appreciated.