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Web Screen Painter Schema Test Mode

Question asked by AustinBayley on Mar 2, 2017
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Recently I've been looking into the "save and set to test mode" feature contained within the Schema Designer in Web Screen Painter. Unfortunately, I've not really had a chance to play about with it too much and have only found out what there is available online, which unfortunately again, doesn't seem to be much.


I am however, confused by what I've found. Even the wording of the function confuses me as surely you would want to be in a test mode before saving any changes.


From what I understand, it creates the changes in the database but only modifies the web engine of WSP meaning that changes don't affect the proper web engine so the Service Desk won't crash with any mistakes.


My questions are thus:


1) Am I correct in my understanding?


2) Is this part of the tool actually useful? 


I say number 2 because in my head, you wouldn't be able to add records to the database to be able to test them and I feel like making any changes in the database could potentially cause problems.


I would really appreciate any responses about where it does come in useful, or documentation on its use. Thanks very much in advance.