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In the desktop app, with a narrow (~700px) window, make it possible to see the underlying flow when in a thread

Question asked by dland on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by Conny Postma

I use the Mac desktop app. When a colleague (or, more often, my manager) mentions me and I click through from the notifications, I end up in what I think is called a thread (more like a "side conversation" within the flow). Others in the flow sometimes see my manager asking me a question and (because we're collaborative like that), jump in with suggestions. Unfortunately, because the thread/side-conversation completely takes over the window, I often miss their comments, and end up looking like I'm not paying attention because I was "focusing" on the thread.


I would appreciate one of two solutions to this issue:

  • The ability to turn off the thread thing altogether, because it mostly just makes me look stupid.
  • The ability to have a thread going, but still see the underlying flow: perhaps by opening the thread in a separate window?


Meanwhile, I have learned not to trust the thread view: it's just causes more trouble than it's worth.