web services monitoring from CA APM in depth.

Discussion created by nayakvinay on Mar 6, 2017

Hello All,


We have deployed CA APM agent 10.1 version for one application chain.There are three application which is completing  request to response process. Example Application A is fronted and application B is interface between application A and Application C.Application C is back-end.Application C is running in Siebel application.Application A is using SOAP web services to call request from B and application B is using SOAP interface to call request from application C.We observed we are not getting all web services in CA APM for application A,B,C.Now we are using default configuration and we want to see all web services in    CA APM for this application chain.Can you please help me to get all web services in CA APM ? what i need to configure to get web services in CA APM  ?



Vinay Nayak