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Which defects appear in the backlog, and when do items appear at the top?

Question asked by MarkArmantrout1358389 on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by malch12

Two-part question about the Backlog page. First, which defects appear in the list on the Backlog page? It seems like there is an inherent filter but I don't understand what it is. We have some "production" defects that are attached to a placeholder story, and we have some defects that are stand-alone. And we also have defects on in-progress stories. Which of these defects appear in the Backlog? Is there an inherent filter based on defect status, or release/iteration?


Second, when stories and defects first appear on the backlog, what rank do they have? We have our backlog sorted by rank. Normally, new stories and defects seem to appear at the bottom of the list. But occasionally stories seem to appear at the top of the ranked list. Why would a new story appear at the top of the backlog ranking?



- Mark