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How to use Identity Mapping

Question asked by roobe01 Employee on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by roobe01

I’m IWA authentication and I need to define a response for SM_USER in the IWA policy: I get the sAMAccountName from AD and I need to return the UID from CA Directory in the response. The UID (random UUID) is different than the sAMAccountName. The lookup must be: Return UID (CA Directory) where employeeNumber (CA Directory) = sAMAccountName (AD). Do you know how to achieve that?


I've created an Custom Search in an Identity Mapping where AD is source directory and CA Directory is the target directory and the search is employeeNumber = sAMAccountName. AFAIK you can use then attributes from both AD and CA Directory in your response.

Until now it does not return a valid response e.q. SM_USER is empty


Any suggestion? (im using CA SSO r12.52 SP2 CR01)