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CASD Slowness

Question asked by Gaspar076041420 on Mar 6, 2017
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We have CASD 12.7 on Windows 2007 SP2 a Virtual Machine, and a Remote MSSQL Database 2008 R2 on a physical Windows 2008 R2 machine.

We had Slowness Issues which caused users 4,5 Mins to save a single ticket once it is saved from edit mode.

We checked the Connectivity from Database, and Application Server. It was fine as Pining took <1ms.

We checked the logs of CASD. There was no particular error pertains to Slowness.

We had checked the CPU, Memory utilization of Application server. It was  around 30%.

Currently running sessions were varying from 90- 150 on dom servers.

We checked in DB if there are any Suspended queries and killed those queries. and Rebooted the Application server once. But still the issue didn't get resolved.


After 2 hours we again rebooted the Application server. The issue got resolved this time.

I don't know how it resolved the slowness.


Can anyone share some insights on this?