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How can I change the timeout period for a selenium step in Devtest 9.1?

Question asked by Bielewicz3 on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by Bielewicz3

I'm trying to have a step asserting that a loading page icon isn't on a page. However, it'll wait a long time before it decides that the icon isn't there, about 60 seconds. Below is an example json selenium step. The "timeoutSeconds" property seems to be ignored. Is there a way to actually decrease the timeout time or is there another way to assert on whether an object isn't there?


"type": "script",
"seleniumVersion": "2",
"formatVersion": 2,
"steps": [
"type": "assertElementPresent",
"negated": true,
"locator": {
"type": "xpath",
"value": ""(some generic xpath)"
"data": {
"configs": {},
"source": "none"
"inputs": [],
  "timeoutSeconds": 7