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Issue inserting a new task from Gantt page

Question asked by VitorPauloM.Correia1307048 on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by VitorPauloM.Correia1307048

Hi, I'm facing an issue while attepting to insert a new task from the project gantt page.


I would like to know if anyone has the same issue.


Here's how it happens:


Go to the project gantt page of a project that has more than 20 tasks. Expand all tasks in order to make possible the scrolling of the page. Scroll down the page, select the last task (or any task that are not visible on the first page) and hit the insert key.


The expected result is to have the cursor with focus on the new task, able to be edited.


However, what happens in my environment is that the task line is created but the focus is lost and the page is repositioned/refreshed and scrolled up. So, after the insert, the user can't see the task created and he has to scroll again in order to search it.


This is a big issue for us, since our users usually create new tasks this way, just clicking the insert key, which is a quick and easy method.


I'm having this issue on Clarity v14.4 patch 4 and also experienced the same issue on Clarity v15.1 patch 3.


Does anyone had the same problem ?


Thank in advance.


Below is the expected result, which is not happenning to me, unfortunetaly.

Expected result