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I want to share some information with the masses to 1) see if anyone else experiences the same issues and 2) if our 7 step resolution approach works for other.


We have struggled for countless hours trying to get QOS data, typically from net_connect and VMware probes, to correlate. For example in the UMP search, you may see two instances of the same device. In other instances, you may see net_connect QOS but no VMware probe QOS and vice versus.


We have opened numerous cases and eventually come to a resolution. After working through all these cases, I have compiled a list of actions that seem to work for us:


***Note: It's unfortunate, but making host file entries has made a HUGE difference. I hear that correlation is much better in 8.51 as there is more control within discovery_server to configure what is used for correlation.


  1. Run the following query on your UIm DB: SELECT origin,name,ip,dns_name,nimbus_type,cs_id,cs_key,dedicated,mac,os_name FROM cm_computer_system WHERE name LIKE ('%device_name%') ORDER BY name
  2. Copy the 'cs_key' value
  3. Using the discovery_server probe call back utility, select 'remove_master_device_by_cs_keys' from the drop down to remove the device from cm_computer_system using 'cs_key' ***Note this will reset the cs_id, in case you use this cs_id key in other applications/reporting etc. After a few minutes, you should notice that the device is no longer present in UMP.
  4. Using the Controller/robot call back utility on the secondary hub where the device is being monitored from, select '_nis_cache_clean' from the drop down list (need to be in 'Expert Mode') and click the 'Play' button.
  5. Using the same call back utility, select '_reset_device_id_and_restart' from the drop down list (need to be in 'Expert Mode') and click the 'Play' button
  6. IM console will reload and you may be required to log back in.
  7. Re-run the 'Inventory' job associated with the device and update the containers/folders in UMP as needed


Following these 7 steps, we have successfully correlated QOS data in UMP. I hope others, who have run into these same issues, have the same results.



UIM 8.4 SP2

HUB 7.80

Controller/Robot 7.80

Discovery_server probe 8.42-DevCor-SNAPSHOT

Discovery_agent 8.41