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Establishing Tenancy via ROLE not CONTACT

Question asked by jordanreich on Mar 12, 2017
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Hi all,


We are attempting to setup tenancy within our organization. We have roughly 40,000+ contact records within the system (general users, etc.). So we would like to apply the tenancy system to ROLES rather than to each individual user. 


As such the tenant option is ON but when I log in with a test user in the specific role that I have restricted to a single tenant, I appear to have access to all of the group information still throughout the entire organization. 


All of the groups within the system have been set to a particular tenant. 


I have created the following tenants:

  • Manager A - Depth 0 (Role: Confidential Manager)
    • Confidential Position 1 - Depth 1 (Role: Confidential P1)
    • Confidential Position 2 - Depth 1 (Role: Confidential P2)
    • Confidential Position 3 - Depth 1 (Role: Confidential P3)
    • Confidential Position 4 - Depth 1 (Role: Confidential P4)
    • Confidential Position 5 - Depth 1 (Role: Confidential P5)
  • General Services - Depth 0 (Role: General Services)
    • External Business Partner - Depth 1 (Role: External Partner)


Each of these tenants have a corresponding role that is attached to them. Indicated above in red.

Essentially if you have the role CONFIDENTIAL MANAGER selected I want to be able to see everything under it listed within the sub-tenants. If I have the role CONFIDENTIAL P1 selected than I want to be able to only see which groups are restricted to that tenant.


However, when I login to the system with TEST USER and the role LEVEL 1 ANALYST is selected which is assigned to a single tenant of GENERAL SERVICES. I can still search and pull up tickets within the group CONFIDENTIAL P1.


I'm not sure if I'm missing an important step along the way?


Any assistance would be appreciated!


Many thanks