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How can I connect Flowdock users from another Organization to my Organization

Question asked by MikeCaddell1359117 on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by Conny Postma

As a Flowdock Administrator, I need to enable users from another Organization in Flowdock to participate in Flows in my Organization, so that we can collaborate with business partners that also use Flowdock.


- The Organization we need to connect with licenses Flowdock as a standalone product, i.e. not part of a Rally UE subscription.

- The vast majority of our Organization's users are Rally UE licenses, we do have a handful of Add-on Users, however those Add-Ons are fully utilized.

- We will soon enable SSO between our IDP and Flowdock.


Conditions of Satisfaction:

Users from another Organization are able to participate in Flows in my Organization

When SSO is enabled, these users will be able to continue participating in Flows in my Organization