DE Affected Events During Time Change

Discussion created by tanderson1089 on Mar 14, 2017
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I was wondering how you all deal with time change to keep your Dseries events running on their desired schedule. We have had a few events with schedule statements of "Every 2 hours" that were running on odd hours but now are running on even hours. This was my first time change that I have really dealt with an am still learning the product.but I believe it is best practice to put a starting time in your schedule statements?? For example, "Every 2 hours starting 1PM" to keep them running on odd hours during time change events. What is the best practice? A lot of our events use a starting time but obviously some do not. Is there something that can be done pre time change to ensure no events get thrown off? For now I am grepping for schedule statements that use the keyword every and from there looking for ones that don't have a starting time. Right now we are on 11.3.3 if that helps any.