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Automate XML comparing

Question asked by Konfu on Mar 16, 2017
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I'm looking for a way to automate comparing the content of 2 XML files

and then report any differences found to a text file.


Currently I'm using 2 "Parse text as response" steps to load both xml's and save it as a property.
In the last step I added the "Graphical XML Side-by-Side Comparison" assertion and I'm able to load both xml's via the properties.

I'm also using an "Output log message" step with a "Save property to file" filter trying to save any xml differences found to the text file. When running the test case in an ITR i can see a test event showing the xml differences, however I have no clue on how i can address it to save it to the text file.


My questions:

1. How can i find the name of the property that keeps the xml differences?


2. In the "Parse text as response" steps you need to manually load the XML's. How could i make this more dynamic (by just specifying folders)? For instance I have a folder Expected XML and a folder Actual XML. I tried using 2 "Load a set of filenames" data sets, but I can't get them saved into a property to use in the "Graphical XML Side-by-Side Comparison" assertion.


I feel like I'm a bit lost and trying to complicate things.
Could anyone help me get on the right track?