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Best approach to process the soap message output

Question asked by CodeGeek on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by MWNiebuhr

Hello Community,
we have a service catalog request form and it consists of row structure to fill in the information, User can select more than one row and fill in the values.We are using the process automation to create request tickets in CA Service Desk Manager, each row of data in Service catalog request, have to create a new request in Service Desk.


Let's take an example where there are 5 rows present in the service catalog request the process automation has to create corresponding 5 request tickets in Service Desk.

In my code design I'm using the 'FOR' loop to retrieve the form values from soap response, but sometimes if there is an undefined value or if the array doesn't have the value my process are failing to complete successfully.


I'm sure I will get the best practices and suggestion on this to handle. waiting for the responses.


Thank you,