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GRLoader usage

Question asked by rg502 on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by TMACUL

Hello. I wanted to see if I could gather experiences from those with extensive GRLoader usage.


When GRLoader jobs run, has the performance of the rest of CA Service Desk even been impacted? An example: users being unable to save incident/problem/change tickets while a GRLoader job was running. If so, was a cause determined?


When GRLoader jobs run, has locking on the MDB at the database level been experienced? If so, was a cause determined?


As a company policy, do you restrict the time of day that a GRLoader job may be run? If so, what precipitated that decision? Is it a blanket policy, or only when a job is greater than a certain number of rows?


Thanks in advance.