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Manual Notify, Not Working on Server

Question asked by jordanreich on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by jcsolis

Hey all,


We are running an (AA) environment. One of the application servers the manual notify function is working correctly.

On the second application server, the manual notify function is NOT working correctly.


Both of the servers are running on 14.1.03. 


When attempting to use manual notify on the BROKEN application server.
When you click 'Manual Notify' nothing happens.


There was some thought that this may be related to: 


As we did see the following errors in our logs:

Domsrvr 6156 ERROR domdict.c 1116 Signature error in manual_notify: arg[9] = nil with invalid type NIL


Used ApplyATF to apply RO80229 then applied RO80218 for the english language. This process completed successfully. 

The documentation references post-installation instructions. However, I cannot locate the file where it is indicating.


As such, NO POST INSTALLATION steps have been followed. I started up the CA SDM service. Issue is exactly the same.


If it is the post installation steps. Documentation would be helpful?


And/or ... potentially another issue not related?


Many thanks!