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MSP Format Template Trouble

Question asked by Ariel-Prado on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Tim1302647

Hi everyone!!

We have some issues with the format of project template.

We create a project from template, when we download to MSP, the project gantt do not show the format like Colors, and colums.

The step by step:

1. Create a MSP project with some task, and give them colors and some colums like text20. (I attached the template)
2. Create a Project template with the MSP template that we created.
3. Create a project from this template.

The expected result: When you open the gantt to MSP you have to see the same format, the same colors and columns that there was in the original template.

The result that we have: You have the same number of tasks and the names, but the format is not the same.


If i upload the template to any project and i save it, when i download it, i will see the same format. But when you create from template, shows the diferences in the format.


Have Someone the same issue?