Tech Tips: License is not issued for active directory error when starting TDoD Service

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I am trying to setup my TDoD (Test Data on Demand) service to be used with Active Directory (AD) authentication.


When starting the TDoD service, I am receiving the following error message in the TDoD Configuration Editor:
Unable to start TDoD Service in specified interval.


When I look in the log file, I see the following error message: 
FATAL GTWCFHost.GTWCFHost - Mismatch in license and authentication mode configuration. License is not issued for active directory but authentication is setup against Active Directory. Please fix the error and restart service. Exception occurred while opening service host connection. 

Test Data Manager (TDM)- Datamaker & Test Data on Demand (TDoD)

If you do not have Active Directory authentication setup for Datamaker first, you will receive this error message. TDoD will use the 'Connection String' details you entered in the TDoD Configuration Editor to check your gtrep schema and see if you have Datamaker configured for Active Directory. 


1. Setup AD authentication in Datamaker. 

- Active Directory Authentication: 

- How to Activate Active Directory Authentication with Test Data Manager: 

- Connecting to MS MSQL Server Database Using Active Directory (Windows Authentication): 

- Getting 'Cannot safely set AD Group' Error: 



DM AD setup.PNG


2. Setup AD authentication in TDoD: 

- Configure TDoD: 



AD auth in TDoD.PNG


3. Start TDoD service.

- You can do this from the Windows Services dialog (CA TDoD Service) or click Restart Service on the Configure Service tab of the Config Editor.



start tdod service.PNG

Additional Information:

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