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UIM connector 3.7 and DB CI from probe oracle

Question asked by catcl01 Employee on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by catcl01

Please could you confirm that UIM Connector 3.7.0 supports database CIs from oracle probe?


I implemented the following environment: UIM 8.5.1, UIM connector 3.7.0 on Catalyst container 3.4.1, SOI 4.0

I added the additional database CI type (MSSQL and Oracle) to UIM connector configuring and nimsoftconnector_policy.xml files.

I'm receiving the DBs alert messages in the SOI Operation Console, coming fro UIM server, but wihile the BD MSSQL messages are properly identified, the DB Oracle messages are not classified as database.


In detail the Alert message queue in SOI console where you can see the oracle DB message (name=Unknow and class=Entity) and the MSSQL DB message correctly identified (class=Database) but no value for dbName.