CA Privileged Access Manager: Upgrading from 2.4

Discussion created by Renato_Pioker Employee on Mar 22, 2017
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CA Privileged Access Manager Tech Tip by Renato Pioker, Support Engineer for March 22, 2017.


We found several customers still running older releases of CA PAM. It is crucial to keep your appliances up to date, so you can benefit of new features, bug fixes and general improvements. However, upgrading CA PAM is a task that requires maximum attention: There is a upgrade path that must be followed in order to successfully upgrade your appliances from prior releases to the latest.


If you are on release 2.4, then you must start with this document: Update Path from 2.4 at page 09. The files you need to perform the upgrade can be downloaded here.


Once you have successfully upgraded to release 2.4.4, then you must follow the instructions from our Documentation. The files you need are linked in the document itself. It is important to remember to unzip the downloaded file prior to uploading it on the upgrade page. You should deploy the bin file that is inside the zip, not the zip itself. Also, please make sure you have enough disk space on your CA PAM appliance in order to upload the patch and run the upgrade.


It is very important to read all instructions carefully - there are updates that will require a reboot, others that will automatically reboot the appliance, and some patches will not require any reboot. All steps are important - please do not skip any patch.