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DBKEY limited to 2**32 record occurrences.

Question asked by BrianThompson on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Eddy_G

I am about to attempt a resize of database area that is essentially almost 2 billion occurrences of a single record type. The resize to almost 4 billion will buy the site about 3 to 5 years growth at current rates, so not an urgent problem. However, when the next resize is required, no matter how I split the page number and number of records per page within the DBKEY Radix, I will be limited to 2**32 (i.e. 4 billion) occurrences. Are there any plans to increase the DBKEY, or any reasonable suggestions to handle this issue?

N.B. I have discussed deletion/archiving of ‘old’ occurrences, but that will barely scratch the surface for this area. I have also suggested some sort of logical segmentation, but that is not going down well with the application owners and developers (but may be the only alternative!).