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Advice On Implementing Auto Close Feature (SDM 12.9)

Question asked by Stuart_ on Mar 22, 2017
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Our organisation is currently using CA Service Desk Manager 12.9, we are not using CA Process Automation.


As the administrator of SDM I have been asked to met the following requirements:


1.  Once a call is updated with closure comments and put into a '6-Resolved Close Requested' or '6-Unresolved Close Requested' status, if the call has not been updated within 2 days then the system will automatically close the call with closure comments to advise the user.


2.  Once a call is placed into a status of '5-Hold Awaiting Cust. Response' and has not been updated in 3 Days the system will automatically send an email to the user and place the call in to a '6-Resolved Close Requested' status.


We don't currently use the 'Auto Close' feature of SDM, but I can see that requirement 1 could be achieved via this method. However I'm seeking advice on how to achieve requirement 2?


These are the status symbols we use:


4-User Ready to Setup
4-Work In Progress
5-Hold Awaiting 3rd Party
5-Hold Awaiting Change Order
5-Hold Awaiting Cust. Response
5-Hold Awaiting Parts
5-Hold Awaiting Release Plan
5-Hold Decision Pending
6-Resolved Close Requested
6-Unresolved Close Requested
7-Closed Resolved
7-Closed Resolved 1st Contact
7-Closed Unresolved
8-Work Requests-Solutions Del