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hub queue limit on windows platform?

Question asked by pentti.laitinen on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by pentti.laitinen

I recently learned that for the hub probe in windows systems there is a limit for how many queues it can handle and the limit I found out was 50. This includes permanent and temporary queues. I have asked this question directly from CA and the response was something like that because of Windows Socket implementation there is this limit, but I found the following article from Microsoft : Maximum Number of Sockets Supported (Windows) . In the article it is described that if the winsock provider is Microsoft and the application uses select and WSApoll functions the default limit for concurrent sockets is 64, but this can be increased to the maximum RAM limit of the os installation by defining variables in the application code to a different value.


Can anyone confirm what winsock provider the hub uses? And if the provider is Microsoft can anyone confirm that the issue is due to the functions mentioned above and in the article?



Pentti Laitinen