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Record deletion in Call_req table in CA service desk

Question asked by Maheswari.K on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by Bin-wip



Due to some data issue a service request record was not visible in front end in CA service desk. Hence we have deleted the service request record from the call_req table in mdb database in back end.

The ticket which we deleted was assigned to one resolver while deletion.

The problem is, for the resolver (the person whom the ticket was assigned) the total open ticket count is showing as one one extra ticket count. Suppose if 5 tickets are open and visible it is showing the total ticket count as 6.


We have deleted the ticket from call_req table and also in act_log table. But still it is showing the count as extra. Could you please tell us what is the relationship between call_req table with other tables for clearing the linkage records.


Our CA service desk version is 12.5.