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Jaspersoft issues after upgrading to 15.1 Jasper 6.2.1 and servers moved to AWS

Question asked by venvzw on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Suman Pramanik

I  have below two issues with Jaspersoft, was trying in all avenues but could not resolve.


We were on Clarity 14.2 and Jasper 5.6.1 On premise. Migrating to Clarity 15.1 and Jasper 6.2.1 and also migrating servers to AWS.  having below issue any inputs are really appreciated.


1. Very few reports are throwing this error, while running the report from UI. when scheduled running fine. also the CA PPM BEAN and CA PPM DWH BEAN are showing as test failed when i login to direct url (/reportservice). There is nothing getting logged in the Jasperlogs.


Error Details
HTML response error code: 502, error

HTML response was: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request POST /reportservice/flow.html.

Reason: Error reading from remote server


2. Output to Host File system option not working | Jaspersoft Community

Output to Host File System option which used to work in 5.6.1 Even after doing this as suggested in Jasper documents it is not working.
 .../WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml enableSaveToHostFS Set the value from "false" (the default) to "true".
Also uncommented the code in these files: ./webapps/reportservice/optimized-scripts/bower_components/jrs-ui/src/scheduler/template/editor/outputTabTemplate.htm ./webapps/reportservice/scripts/bower_components/jrs-ui/src/scheduler/template/editor/outputTabTemplate.htm
Any help is appreciated!