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How to Prevent a Value to be Changed in HTMPL Form?

Question asked by Balram.Deswal on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Balram.Deswal

Hi Team,


I want to set the value of a field through javascript. After setting the value, I want that the user cannot be able to change its value.


When I am using the dtlTextbox, I am able to set its value (after binding it with attribute let's say zservicelevel) using the code:



But the disadvantage of this is that user can change its value on front end after it is set by javascript call.


When I am using dtlReadonly field, I am not able to set its value using javascript like this:



So kindly provide a way in which I can set the value in dtlReadonly field or make the textfield to be in readonly mode.


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