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General Csam/SSA question.

Question asked by Joserra on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2017 by Mark_Hanson


I have an AutoSys and WCC environment, unfortunatelly I do not have a deep understanding of Csam/SSA and I am not able to find in depth documentation about it.


As far as I understand Csam/SSA does provide a multiplexing and SSL capacity. We can turn these features on/off by running below command.


./csamconfigedit Port=9000 EnableSL=false EnablePmux=false

./csamconfigedit portrange=49152-50176 EnablePmux=true EnableSSL=True


I know EnablePmux and EnableSSL settings must be the same on all AutoSys/WCC servers.


So we can define for Application server port 9000 and 7500

7500 (AppSrvAuxiliaryListeningPort parameter defined in config.ACE ) will be used by non-SSA communications

9000 (AutoServerPort parameter defined in config.ACE) will be used by SSA communications

to make it work we need to turn on EnablePmux in port 9000 by running ./csamconfigedit Port=9000 EnablePmux=true


Will this mean if I try to run an autosys command where csam is not installed I will have to open port 7500 but if it is installed I will have to open 7163?


Can you please tell me if PMUX is only used by application server and not by event demon process?


I am not sure also about the portrange parameter in csamconfigedit. 

What is the use of ./csamconfigedit portrange=49152-50176 xxxxx?

Is it when WCC or other CLI try to connect to application server so they connect from a high number port?


do you know of any documentation available?


thanks for your help.