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Discussion created by CA-TECH-INFO-DAMON Employee on Mar 27, 2017
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A known third-party configuration issue currently changes the way the search feature behaves for all SaaS and on-premise editions of the CA PPM documentation available at and


Old, Expected Behavior:

Previous editions of the documentation attempted a natural language search and displayed results with counts in parentheses that included related content and an aggregate list of all results. For example:

  • All Results (20)
  • Documentation (5)
  • Community (12)
  • Knowledge Base (3)

Users could direct their searches based on content area and other filters.


New, Actual Behavior with Workaround Suggestions:

Due to a temporary condition, the related content is no longer included and the search logic is strictly based on your input strings. 

Tip: To narrow the results, enclose your search string in quotation marks. For example, a search on Release Notes includes over 290 entries. A search on "Release Notes" includes only 25. A search on Studio NSQL returns over 112 results (good, but too many results). A search on "Studio NSQL" returns only two results (better).

Without quotes, the search is Boolean in nature, and with quotes, the input strings constrain the query. In other words, a search on Studio NSQL is really a search on Studio OR NSQL while a search on "Studio NSQL" is really a search for pages with the strings Studio AND NSQL.


Additional Suggestions:

  • To search for content in the CA PPM community forums, see CA PPM Online Community.
  • To search for KB articles, see CA PPM Knowledge Base.
  • To search using Google, Bing, and other search engines, it helps to include a prefix to direct your search. For example, enter "CA PPM 14.4 <specific search terms>" or "CA PPM 15.1 KB <specific search terms>."


We hope to restore the extended search features within the next few weeks or earlier if possible. Thank you for your patience.