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Need help in customising the report!

Question asked by GoT on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by GoT

As mentioned in the documentation :-


1) First I need to create a Java class that extends com.itko.lisa.coordinator.ReportGenerator. (Done)


2) Implement the required getTypeName method. (Done) - I believe we have to implement all the abstract methods defined!


3) For each item in the Report Attributes section of the Reports tab in the Staging Document Editor. Add a Parameter to the ParameterList for the report. ( What does this mean? How to implement this?) does this mean I create a new ParameterList and then use addAllKeyValuePair Method? and then use this for initialise method?? Need help here!!


I'm trying to make a excel report which contains information of all the events of each test step including the assertions results (Needed badly). 


Any help on this is really appreciated