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Need suggestion on SV Approach

Question asked by SARTH_GUPTA on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Rick.Brown

Hi Team,


I have a requirement to create a virtual service whose functionality is as described below:

> For one type of request containing 10 parameters,send a synchronous response.In this synchronous response ,I need to create a random Transaction ID and send in response.


> After 10 sec ,for one other type of request which will have same Transaction ID in the request as generated in the first response, send back the same values of all 10 parameters that came as part of first request in a synchronous response.


I am thinking to create 2 types of request in the same VSI but i am not sure how am I going to store the values in the first request and pass the same values in the next request as a response.


Can you please suggest some inputs.