Tech Tip: CA IDMS Special File Requirement for Cloned CVs

Discussion created by baije01 Employee on Mar 28, 2017


The CA IDMS Systems Operations manual defines a process through which CVs can be cloned. It states that each cloned CV requires its own copy of all journal files. Depending on system configuration, each CV may also require its own copy of the following files:




How are the unique files to be defined for each cloned CV?


This statement mentioned above from the Systems Operations manual is correct regarding the uniqueness of files for each cloned CV.


You do not need a unique or different DMCL for each cloned CV; you can use the same DMCL. 


However, you will need unique JCL for each of the system. The reason for this is that you will need it in order to specify the unique dataset names for the Journals, DDLDCLOG, DDCDCRUN, and DDLDCSCR. 


If the SCRATCH in XA option is specified, then you do not need to define JCL for the DDLDCSCR file as it will not be used. The scratch will be allocated entirely in XA storage as needed.

Additional Information:

Procedures for cloning CA IDMS CVs are outlined in the manual Administering CA IDMS Systems Operations, which can be found here: