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sdm14.1 advance avalaibility

Question asked by La-Qa on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Kaori_K

Hello Team


we have installed sdm 14.1 with Advance Avalaibility option. one sdm application server ,one is background server, one is stanby server and one is database server. Total 4 servers.


Now we tested the ticket by creating from application server . so it also reflecting to the background server which is perfect. some more testing i was doing and found that


1.if background sdm service is OFFand standby sdm service is ON then application sdm server not work. Like sdm application login page is opening but i cannot login as it is giving error "servicedesk contact not found. session timeout". 


2.if Backgroud  SDM service is ON and standby sdm service is OFF then application sdm server still work and i can login to the application and do the activity.



so basically sdm application server works with sdm background server so if bg sdm not running then it affect to sdm application server also. No matter standby sdm is ON or OFF.


Moreover, How can i change standby sdm server to BG sdm server and BG sdm server to standby sdm server? is there any command of it ?