Display alarms in UMP 8.51 based on origin

Discussion created by pmatt on Mar 29, 2017
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Good morning all,


I am trying to create a view of all net_connect alarms for a customer with a specific origin. The probe that is running net_connect has a different origin, namely NIU. I shall refer to the customer origin as CUSTOMER.


So far I have added a custom message with a custom subsystem to each net_connect profile for the customer.

Then a pre-processing rule in the nas picks up the alarm based on the subsystem and sets the origin to CUSTOMER.


So all the customer's net_connect alarms do have an origin of CUSTOMER. That bit is working.


My idea was to add the net_connect host into a USM group in the customer's area and let the origin filter do the rest. Unfortunately, I do not see any alarms for net_connect at all. I think this is because the host configuration from the net_connect profile is used for the host field of the alarm. This does not match the hostname of the robot running net_connect and therefore does not show.


Is there another way I can display these net_connect alarms? It's a shame that the old alarm console portlet has gone.