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GA Announcement has been posted to product page on  Text is below.

Date: March 29, 2017
To: CA PPM Customers
From: The CA Technologies CA PPM Product Team
Subject: General Availability Announcement for CA PPM 14.4 Cumulative Patch 7 (


On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated patches for our products. Today, we are pleased to announce that CA PPM 14.4 Cumulative Patch 7 ( is now available for On Premise and SaaS customers.


We recommend upgrading your CA PPM implementation to the latest release to take advantage of all current features and improvements. If you are unable to upgrade to the latest release, CA has made a patch available for CA PPM 14.4.0. Customers with CA PPM 14.4.0 install this patch if you are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified in the README file.

Patch Content:

This is a cumulative patch with eleven new fixes added in this patch version.

IMPORTANT: Before applying this cumulative patch, we recommend that you go through the README file. This file has a list of all the fixes provided in this patch version, as well as in the prior versions. By applying this patch, you will receive all cumulative fixes.


Patches are intended to be timely fixes and are not fully regression or integration tested. They are only tested against the issues listed in the README file. CA feels confident that this patch will resolve the addressed problems, but customers should be aware that a patch could have adverse side effects to the function of their CA PPM application. Customers should not apply patches directly to production systems without first verifying in a test environment. If any issues arise in the installation or use of this patch, please contact CA Support.

A list of the fixes resolved in this patch and prior patch versions can be found in the README attached to this article. The README file is also included in the 'jar' package, but the README file attached to this article may identify updates not included in the 'jar' package.

Version/Build: 07 (
Documentation: README
On Premise General Availability: March 29, 2017
SaaS Service Availability: March 29, 2017


  • Please be sure to read the 'SPECIAL INSTRUCTION' section within the README file for important information regarding Jaspersoft Reports and Data Warehouse fixes.
  • After applying the patch, remember to download and install updated client applications such as the connectors for the schedulers, XOG or other client applications.
  • The installation of any patch may impact Studio Views. Please be sure to implement in a non-production environment and test the impact on the views you have configured in Studio.

Cumulative Issues Resolved

Issues Resolved in This Patch:

CLRT-81790: Project manager/ Resource manager in CA PPM are not able to add/book any resource in Project, even though they have appropriate access rights
CLRT-80834: Since PPM 14.4 clicking on the Browse icon of departments on a new project or npio instance requires administration rights (TEC1021783)
CLRT-81773: Duplicated notification after resource requisition rejection
CLRT-80614: CA PPM is not exporting dependencies to MSP predecessors column when is setting to Spanish language (New Driver)
CLRT-81774: Clicking on 'New' button on Task list page displays properties page of a previously opened task (TEC1223655)
CLRT-81785: Timeslice Performance drops due to parallelism on a merge procedure
CLRT-81772: Empty notification when project manager "Create and open" resource requisition
CLRT-81736: Provide an option to monitor Application Health
CLRT-81737: Provide an option to perform an analysis on the nature of all customizations in a customer environment
CLRT-80605: Data warehouse: Facts are wrong on Financial Plans set up with Annual increments
CLRT-81459: Data Warehouse security tables are truncated during a Full DWH Load

Issues Resolved in Prior Patches:

CLRT-81296: Securability Fix
CLRT-81533: Securability Fix
CLRT-81720: Securability Fix
CLRT-81415: Securability Fix
CLRT-81728: If 'Require Application Add-ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher' is checked in MSP, then the following error occurs: "SignatureDescription could not be created for the signature algorithm supplied"
CLRT-81589: As a CA PPM administrator, I do not have a way to restore Jaspersoft domain from within CA PPM
CLRT-80984: Java OOM error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace on BG service
CLRT-81494: Long hyphen is removed in Microsoft Project
CLRT-81011: Load Data Warehouse job fails with database lock ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified or timeout expired (TEC1028652)
CLRT-80019: Project Storyboard (Jaspersoft) report has incorrect data for some metrics in Labor Hours and Financial Performance sections
CLRT-81083: 'Financial Budget vs. Forecast by Period Detail' report only returns data for Project Investments
CLRT-81445: Project Storyboard Report shows Equipment Actual Qty in Labor Hours
CLRT-80333: Capacity vs Allocation by OBS - Demand does not match the data in Capacity Overview portlet
CLRT-80493: Advanced Reporting OOTB Input controls (Investment Status) have non-intuitive default selections in various OOTB Jaspersoft reports
CLRT-80541: Time Compliance report is not grouping correctly
CLRT-81414: Securability Fix
CLRT-81298: Securability Fix
CLRT-81268: Generate Invoice Job creating GL transactions with null invoice id
CLRT-80451: Ad Hoc Reporting Does Not Show All Financial Data when using Grouping
CLRT-80971: XOG Error: Some values are not allowed for Xog In
CLRT-80602: ODF-0102 Error received when opening an attachment configured at the Resource Object
CLRT-81135: Integration Adaptor - Resource manager field not getting updated through OTB integration file loader
CLRT-81350: Material and Expenses roles change their ETC when opened in MSP (TEC1150416)
CLRT-81543: Process definition for project subobject that is linked to the project object which is linked to another object through a lookup fails
CLRT-80792: The command service clone app throws error: Failed to clone service: app
CLRT-80768: Timeslicing rollover for odf slice requests from DWH can take many hours to rollover on MS SQL, even if most of the assignments are outside the slice request range
CLRT-80899: Timesheet process with linked resource object ignores post condition on Resource availability rate
CLRT-80841: Gel Script process fails to validate when &&amp is utilized and comment present in the script
CLRT-80617: Time-scaled values (TSV) fields are still misaligned with legend column and between them
CLRT-81330: Timesheet displaying dates in US format instead of UK format
CLRT-80429: Incorrect Job Schedule link in Email notification
CLRT-80417: MSSQL: DWH_PROJECT_V does not get updated for new attributes when ODF_PROJECT_V cannot be recreated, which causes the Load Data Warehouse job to fail with an "Invalid column name" message
CLRT-81086: OBS XOG performance decreased after upgrading to 14.3 and above causing CPU to spike on application server
CLRT-81389: NSA bind address is not working
CLRT-81099: Securability Fix
CLRT-80393: Securability Fix
CLRT-81100: Securability Fix
CLRT-81096: Securability Fix
CLRT-80743: The "Shift Allocation" action changes the allocation figures as well as team member allocation segments when initial segments % allocation is less than 100
CLRT-81067: Japanese characters are garbled on Domain name when we create a new domain on Jasper
CLRT-81031: Processes that are based on the task object as primary object and having the project as linked object do not auto-start 
CLRT-80173: Error 500 for attributes with Multi Valued Lookup type in Idea
CLRT-80227: A required Multi-valued lookup with a numeric key and a parameter throws a System Error when no value is selected (TEC1509603)
CLRT-79804: Financial status of project can be opened even when the project is inactivated
CLRT-80033: If a task's % Complete is not a whole number, and % Calculation Method is set to Effort on a project, receive error PRJ-07246 when saving task (TEC1527803)
CLRT-80837: Securability Fix
CLRT-80635: Task ETCs are not getting set to zero if ETC less than 1
CLRT-79233: Non-locked task assignments affected by the "Schedule assignments on locked tasks" option
CLRT-80581: "Unable to process request - Server Error" popup when IE/Chrome throws exception "XMLHttpRequest status code = 0"
CLRT-79306: Issue with the process start condition when an OBS structure is involved for starting condition and it got changed
CLRT-79199: MSP Legacy Driver: After round trip of a project with Roles (having 0 ETC) to MSP, if a Role replace is done in CA PPM after this, the task Dates that this role is assigned to change to the project dates, and the ETC changes to 100% availability (TEC1823528)
CLRT-80681: In MSP New driver, when exporting a project from PPM to MSP, incorrect settings in File-> Options are being exported (TEC1003284)
CLRT-80287: Error exporting Investment Hierarchy with Export to Excel Data if hierarchy contains an investment that has its own children hierarchy (TEC1582282)
CLRT-80294: ETC Cost does not get recalculated when ETC becomes 0 (TEC1947353)
CLRT-80586: XOG will fail when the Department OBS attribute for the Project Object has a default value
CLRT-80395: Adding certain portlets to a Content Package, an "Error 500 - Internal Server Error" is thrown
CLRT-80546: Load Data Warehouse job crashes the BG server with OutOfMemoryError during Dynamic Domain Updates
CLRT-78975: Page Linking Issue - Resource Requisition
CLRT-80334: Input type code set on Timesheet page of a resource gets set to a blank value when Timesheet is adjusted and subsequently gets submitted (TEC1978005)
CLRT-80647: Portlets developed using Portfolio System provider (portfolio provider) is very slow
CLRT-79792: CA PPM allows the creation of a Department OBS Unit or Location OBS Unit ID value to contain a comma symbol and this causes display issues
CLRT-79898: Browser auto complete should be enabled for non-password text fields
CLRT-80498: Gel Script process fails to validate when comments are inside of gel script tag
CLRT-80217: PRESTSUM calculated wrong in Task assignment
CLRT-80075: MSP New Driver, ETC on TSV changes when saved back from MSP
CLRT-80066: Copy cost plan creates mismatch between newly created cost plan details and source plan cost plan details
CLRT-79504: Cost Plan, Benefit Plan, or Budget Plan TSV cells do not align with label key column
CLRT-79759: The Fiscal Time Slices get reset when the System Options screen is saved
CLRT-79844: Not everything in the reports in Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting are translated to other languages, some data is in English (language translation problem)
CLRT-80115: Securability Fix
CLRT-80117: Securability Fix
CLRT-80153: Data Warehouse: Enabled custom/OOTB Object with a large amount of instances crashes the BG server with OutOfMemory error when updating Jaspersoft Domains
CLRT-80230: SKIP Level argument in XOG ignores the custom information
CLRT-80368: Securability Fix
CLRT-80165: Securability Fix
CLRT-80214: Securability Fix
CLRT-80116: Securability Fix
CLRT-80118: Securability Fix
CLRT-80319: Securability Fix
CLRT-80183: XOG Performance while updating a Project
CLRT-80008: Resource Allocations and Assignments report - 'Assignments' row is not exported to excel for some or all investments (TEC1677496)
CLRT-80100: Data Warehouse: Facts do not get carried over to Data Warehouse FACTS tables with Incremental Job if subsequently updated

Download Instructions:

On Premise customers can download CA PPM 14.4 Cumulative Patch 7 ( from the Download Center on CA Support SaaS customers can contact CA Support to request patch installation.

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