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Determining which process generated an action item and who took action on the action item ?

Question asked by siddyi91 on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Prashank Singh

Hi All, 


I am trying to find the names of the timesheet approver who approved a timesheet.


We are using a custom process, which sends an action item to a resource manager and a proxy RM(if set) and then sets a timesheet status and if it is approved then the approved-by will show -process_admin. This is where the problem begins- from there I am not able to find the action items generated by this process, for whom were they created and for whom were they assigned to. 


I tried researching the CAL_ACTION_ITEM_ASSIGNEES and CAL_ACTION_ITEMS tables, but I found nothing useful which I can use to fetch the information which I need. I could only make out that every process instance runs with a unique id and each process creates a unique action item. Bottom line- basically no join condition which i was able to find, or unique identifier which even identifies the custom process.


If anyone can provide me some information/tips on how can I achieve the above-stated, it will be highly helpful. 



Siddharth Chawla.