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Significance of Resolution During Alert Setting.

Question asked by Jaykrishna on Mar 30, 2017
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Hi Team,

It may look like a silly question to ask but still i feel that i should post this question to get my doubt clarified.

We are using CA APM 10.1.

I need an alert if the stall count is greater than 20 continously for 6 mins.

There are 2 possiblilities for me to set this alert ( Practically there are lot more possibilities available but i am giving the below example to get my doubt calrified.)

Option 1.

Resolution : 6 min
Period over Thershold :1
Observered Period:1

Option 2.

Resolution:15 sec
Period over Thershold:24
Observered Period:24

I am pretty sure that Option 2 will work as per my requirement but i am not sure whether option 1 will work as per my requirement.

Please clarify.
If possible please share a best practice document for setting alert in CA APM.

Note: I can also see that it is not mandatory to select resolution value from the drop down list as i can set a value myself i.e. 3 mins. I am not sure whether it is the CA APM functionality or a known bug.




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