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Fallback to VS if Live invocation fails

Question asked by DigiSV on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Joel NeSmith


I have requirement where client should call first live (lower) environment and on failure it should fall back to virtual service. I have tried doing this by creating default project and in router step to pick ExecutionMode to be Image Validation. Added additional listener in most efficient mode and Image response step in case of environment error to fallback on virtual service. Have made 2 different servers of LISA to act one as Live and other as LISA since environment was not available. Lisa version 7.5.2 is what I have at my end and the problem I am seeing is if Live server is not available the fall back option isin't working very well, out of 10 calls 2 calls works, looks like some retry is happening when environment is down and I am not sure where these settings are.


Please suggest if there is better way to implement this or how can I make my solution to respond appropriately.