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How to extract EXACT value(not byte format) of Message Id and Corelation Id in a MQ Devtest 9.5.1 depreciated step

Question asked by vinit.malhotra on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by vinit.malhotra

Hello All,


I tried applying the Extract Details filter and having prefix req but the value I get from it is not the actual value, its in some byte or some other format.

I also tried applying conversion logic by implementing a code which I read in forum using com.Util.binary.toHex something like this but I got error Util Class doesnt have toHex method.


Kindly also advice I need to see the value of Corelation Id also which is set when my Response is sent from Response Queue. So that I can proof that Message id for Request Queue is same as Correlation ID for Response Queue.


( I need proper String or HEx String value whatever it is i gues 45-50characters long value but in LISA we get Byte format in lisa.vse.messageid property)


Support is appreciated.!!Thanks