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Access the Forum Admin Control Panel

Question asked by corinne.sayag on Mar 31, 2017
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I'm trying to manage forum.

In CA API developer portal Doc, I can read the text below, but I don't find At the bottom of the page, where to click to access "Admin Control Panel".

Please advice




Extract from CA API developer portal Doc.

"Access the Admin Control Panel

Forum Administrators are responsible for configuring forums. They are the only users who can access

the Admin Control Panel. The Admin Control Panel contains all forum Administration controls. This

panel is available only to Forum Administrators, regardless of the user's role on the API Portal. By

default, the API Portal Administrator account has Forum Administrator access. Forum Administrators

can grant both Moderator and Administrator access to users.

To access the Admin Control Panel:

Log in to the API Portal as an Admin. The API Portal for your organization appears.

On the Dashboard menu bar, click Forums to access the Forums page

At the bottom of the page, click Admin Control Panel.

In the Forum Admin sidebar, select an option to perform a forum Administration task."