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MSP XML Interface - Limit on number of Assignments?

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by Dale_Stockman

Comparing Legacy version to XML version of MSP Interface.


  • Projects which produce XML files under 2MB load fine into MSP whether using Legacy or XML version
  • Where XML file is greater than 2MB, Legacy version will load into MSP fine, but XML version stalls - must use Task Manager to kill after weighting 10 or minutes.
  • Took a project which produced 21MB XML file
    • Loaded using Legacy version in about 2 minutes (also loads in CA PPM Gantt and OWB just fine)
    • Using XML version, stalled
    • Edited XML file, removing all but one assignment
      • Yes, this was a drastic cut, but was looking to see if number of assignments was the problem or something else in the file; was not looking for the exact number or range at which number of assignments becomes problematic
      • File imported into MSP instantly
  • Using MSP2010 on machine with 8GB memory


Has anyone had same experience?  Have you moved to newer versions of MSP and has experience gotten better or stayed the same?  Found any setting changes in MSP that resolve this?  (I've read through configuration docs, checked settings.)


I'm attempting to get MSP2016 installed and will report my findings.  But if someone already knows that large numbers of assignments will kill even the latest version of the XML interface in MSP2016, would like to avoid spending time on a known issue.