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AHD03117 Error while publishing

Question asked by Johnny_2302 on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by TMACUL

Hi Team,


We have followed the swing box approach to upgrade the system from r12.6 to r14.1. Post upgrading the swing box, we restored the swingbox dB to our UAT Environment. We did a pdm_publish as well. We moved the majic(.spl codes) as well from SwingBox(SB) to uat environment.

Now when we run pdm_wsp command we get 2 errors(not sure why):


1. HTMPL not found

AHD04407:CA Service Desk Manager html generation error. Could not find or process 'wspmain.htmpl'.

AHD04714:Unable to open file wspmain.htmpl at ?: No such file or directory (2) userid=Servicedesk


2.  Below is the error which I'm getting:

web:wsp     1044 ERROR     wsp_backend.c     6482 Error in checkin_done in Wsp_Column     orgx.z_org_num:1: INVALID AHD03117: Your current role does not have UPDATE_GLOBAL authorization,  so you cannot update public object Web Screen Painter Column z_org_num

I found a KB article as well

but it is not clear, what needs to be done here. As we have moved the mdb from SB system, the multi tenancy Is already enabled. The ServiceDesk is also present.


Please suggest what needs to be done. Its critical.