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Rallydev Website is very slow in general

Question asked by PiyushSoni1379549 on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2017 by seliot

I have seen several complex websites, but none of them has had an experience as slow as Rallydev. I'm thinking you're doing too much work behind the scenes, without thinking much about performance. For example, if I load a 'defect page', the defect details might load anything from 3 to 30 seconds (and until then the 'Description' text area for the defect remains empty), and it's unpredictable, but always slow. Why can't this loading be fast? Why does clicking on the 'Discussion' tab and coming back to 'Details' tab seem to load everything from the server again? What steps are you taking to improve the site performance for each of these steps? Also, is there a 'light version' of the website which loads static content and just lets me read basic details etc.?