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Cannot execute a "jar wrapped" exe as RDP Application

Question asked by DarioPattarini on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by celeste_catena

Hi guys,

I'm trying to configure a transparent login to a CISCO ASA Network device. The customer uses ASDM client (java).

I managed to obtain the installer for Windows, installed the tool and - using Launch4J - I wrapped the .jar class into an .exe file.
Then I published the RDP Application (this exe file).

Finally I succeded to write the transparent login config in PAM and - with the DEBUG - it works like a charm.

When I tried to access to the device using the Policy I've done nothing happens and, after the Windows auto-login and the usual cmd.exe, there is an immediate sign-out.

I've used Tomcat in "FINE" log, but no entries to explain what happens.


Any hints? Ideas?

It's pretty important, I'm in the middle of a project delivery.


Regards, Dario